• Any qualified Doctor (existing / new medical practitioner)
  • Maximum – Rs.100.00 lakhs (for new medical practitioner)
    (higher amount may be considered on case to case basis)
  • Maximum – Rs.300.00 lakhs (for existing practitioner with min.3 years)
    (higher amount may be considered on case to case basis)
Purpose Of Loan
  • For setting up clinic / hospital
  • For purchase of equipments / furniture at the clinic or hospital
  • Renovation of clinic / hospital
Sanction Limit
  • 90% of cost of premises
  • 80% cost of equipment
  • 70% of cost of furniture / cost of renovation
Repayment period
  • For premises & equipments - upto 120 months
  • Only for equipments/renovation/furniture – upto 84 months
    (moratorium period of 12 months may be granted on merits of case)
Rate of interest
  • For purchase of equipment / furniture – Hypothecation of equipment / furniture to be purchased
  • For purchase of new premises / construction of clinic or hospital on owned plot / Renovation of clinic – Equitable Mortgage of the premises/ clinic respectively
  • One Surety of good means acceptable to the Bank (maybe waived on a case to case basis)
  • For existing doctors – No collateral for loan amount upto Rs.50 lacs
  • For new Doctor – No collateral for loan amount upto Rs.25 lacs
    (50% collateral required for amounts greater than that stipulated above)
Documents Required
  • Prescribed loan application form
  • Latest Photograph, Photo ID proof and Residence proof of Applicant
  • I.T. returns for last 3 years (fresh Doctors– IT returns not to be insisted)
  • Quotation of the equipment / furniture / renovation
  • License to practice