CITIZENCREDIT Co-operative Bank was among the first banks in India to automate. It has been an opinion-leader and early-adapter among co-operative banks, and the unprecedented success and growth that the bank has achieved in a short span of 10 years can be attributed to the early decision of the bank to embrace Information Technology in a big way.

All day-to-day operations are managed in-house by the IT Department, independently. Bulk of this success is due to the Bank’s own initiative and diligence and management vision.

The Bank has “internalised” the technologies related to branch automation and day-to-day operations of branch databases and systems. The next set of solutions will address new areas, exploit, and build up on resources that are readily available with the Bank.

Technology Absorption, Adaptation and Innovation The Bank has aggressively embarked on the course of Technological upgradation and innovation with a view to provide best in class services to its customers. It is pleased to inform you of the successful completion of the migration to the Core banking software which has enabled the bank to roll out more technology based services. The Bank undertook the task of ensuring reliable connectivity for all our branches to ensure seamless service to our customers. We have upgraded our website server to ipv6 compliant as per RBI norms and revamped our website for a better user experience. We have successfully implemented the SMS alerts for transactions in July 2014 and a mailing solution in August 2014 to offer better points of contact and service. Payroll system was automated in October and straight through processing was operationalised for NEFT and RTGS in November 2014. In Jan 2015 the Bank implemented the 16 digit account number protocol which has enabled the Bank to send and receive government transactions, utility bills, ABPS etc. In the same month your Bank has rolled out e-SBTR, the online stamp duty payment service for the general public and e-tax payment services for bank's customers. The Bank has generated NPA / probable NPA statement as of March 31, 2015 through computer system (CBS). The Bank also provides Aadhar Linkage of your account to receive LPG subsidy. Another milestone achieved by your Bank in March 2015 was the roll out of the RuPay ATM card which enables customers of Citizencredit Co-op Bank Ltd. to use the RuPay network of about 1,90,000 ATMs across the country.

It is our endeavor to continue to add value to our customer relationship by enhancing their banking experience. To this end the Bank has planned several initiatives in technology planned during the coming year both internally to strengthen the systems and processes of the Bank and also externally to benefit customers. Our internal processes would include moving our infrastructure to a fully functional State-of-the-art Tier III Data Centre and Disaster recovery site, automation of Anti Money Laundering reporting systems, bank level unification of customer data etc. and our customer centric initiatives include e-KYC, IMPS (Immediate Payment Systems or Mobile banking) and Internet Banking. It is our vision to ensure that Citizencredit Co-op Bank Ltd continues to be the banker of choice to all its members and customers and lives up to its motto "YOUR DREAMS OUR WINGS".