These are the founding pillars that reflect the true spirit of Citizencredit Co-operative Bank. Our logo embodies this spirit in the form of a dove, while also representing the initials of our bank. The dove indicates the transparency, commitment, and peaceful relationship that the bank establishes with its customers. The colours (saffron, blue, green) personifies our dream of financially empowering citizens and constantly developing the economic might of the country. The logo also resembles a palm reaching out in service, for we grow only through the profitability and prosperity of our customers.


Helping customers achieve economic success and financial security thereby building vibrant and prosperous communities, sustained by values of integrity and good governance


· To be a financially strong and vibrant Bank.
· To work to improve the quality of life to the communities we serve.
· To earn the respect of employees and customers.
· To conduct our operations with integrity and transparency.
· To demonstrate character that always recognizes that the financial well being of the customers is the reason we are here.
· To promote the spirit of co-operation and build long term shareholder value.


Change is the only constant.

Our philosophy is based on decades of crafting exceptional banking experiences for each customer by catering to their individual and financial needs.

We believe that three factors contribute to success, our customers: needs, goals and values. It is in this effort that we strive to design products that help our customers to prepare for a strong financial future against the constantly changing technological and economic environment. We take the time to get to know you - understanding your current financial situation, family, responsibilities, and goals for the future - then work with you to create a plan that fits your life.

As we surge ahead with our new corporate identity, our commitment towards prosperity for all, endures.


We opened our doors in 1984. Since then we have worked to build a culture that puts relationships and customers needs above all.

Formerly known as The Bombay Catholic Urban Co-op Credit Society, the bank was established through the cumulative efforts of a group of young minds who wished to create a strong financial foothold for the catholic community. The bank was envisaged to be a channel that fuelled the hopes and dreams of each customer through personal engagement and customized banking plans.

37 years later, the bank continues to uphold the same values while adapting to modern banking systems.

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